The Company was started in 1999 with an idea of combining my two areas of expertise, Boats and Fabrics.

I had worked as a carpet installer for 10 years before graduating from Marine Mechanics Institute in 1997 as a marine technician. After turning wrenches for two years and becoming a Certified Mercruiser Tech. and operating lots of various style boats in the Great Lakes area I realized the need for someone with a knowledge of boats to renovate and update their look. Since boat hulls can last forever there is a need to update their  interior to make it more modern in styling for customers that did not want to buy a new boat. I became an expert in making things better the second time around then it was ever done at the factory. So Ship Shape Carpet Inc. began.

My company flourished with word of mouth advertising and I also did a lot of Boat Shows to help spread the word. I became “The Guy” to renovate your boat in the Lake Michigan area. I relocated in 2005 to Sebastian Florida and my customers needs changed. I started doing mostly Upholstery and Canvas because of the hot, damaging Florida sun and saltwater. After gaining the trust of many local boaters in Sebastian, Ship Shape Canvas and Upholstery has done well to establish a reputation for Quality Work at an affordable price in a timely manner. Just ask our Customers!


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